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Umatilla Municipal Airport

Umatilla municipal airport is located one mile East of the city at 480 Cassidy Street and identified as X23 on the Jacksonville, Florida sectional aeronautical chart. Coordinates are N28-55.37 W081-39.10.

Runway 18-36 is 2,500' long and 60' wide asphalt with a wind sock located near the center of the field on the east side. Unicom and pilot controlled lighting are on frequency 122.9. Orlando approach frequency is 121.1 and St. Petersburg radio is available on 123.6.

For weather call (800) 992-7433 and local automated weather may be obtained on 134.325 and (352) 787-1565.

For clearance call (888)766-8267

Please avoid over-flying the city and keep noise to a minimum. Tie downs are on the north west side near the office.


Self serve fuel is on the North West ramp.

A courtesy car is available for transportation to Umatilla restaurants and retail.
Call the airport at 352-669-2290 for more information.

City Administrator: 352-669-3125
Taxi Service: 352-383-7433
Lodging: Fox Den Inn 352-669-2151
Restaurants: See Listing